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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday, June 30th

Just talked with the crew...Living situation much better now; able to take hot showers and prepare meals in the intermodal container.  Musk oxen are seen often nearby the living area, and charge if threatened.  Lilly (one of the dachshunds) is most likely to draw their attention; barks at everything.  So, she is kept mainly concealed in 'the box'.   As for Goldenrod...structure (cabin, pontoons, engine, sluice boxes) mostly complete.  Installing cabin windows, sound deadening insulation and lockable door today.  Still need to install major systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, electricals, Neff bowl, sonar system, pressure and suction hoses, cameras and arm).  Estimated float date, July 11th.  Not bad at all!  The two Toms have been really busting it! So proud.  Thank you John M. (long bearded gentleman from Bering Sea Gold) for fork lifting sluices, helping with wenches and air compressor pump.  Interested to see how your system works this year!  Best of luck to all!

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