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Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14th

Still awaiting word about culvert.  Gravel to go down tomorrow if no culvert needed.  Mom and Dad will have WiFi in the 'box' on their property.  Electricity cannot be hooked up until container moved to property.   They said that their tent is fairly comfortable. They are sleeping on air mattresses.  It sleeps 5 people.  For now, Mom, Dad and the two dogs.  When Tommy arrives he will stay there too until they move container to property. There are campers around them, but, they are in the wide open tundra, and animals are out there! Dad and Mom have seen one grizzly (in the distance) and several musk oxen.  Currently there are around 21 hours of straight daylight everyday in Nome.  In the winter it is dark almost 24/7. 

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