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Friday, July 21, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Back in Nome for Season 6

Yes, it is true, we are now in our sixth year in Nome!  It has been an excruciatingly physically and emotionally exhaustive couple of years for the Palmerosa Mining crew.  So much has happened and yet also been accomplished!  We are only in Nome, Alaska during the Summer months, but the work doesn't end there.  Back at home in Kentucky tireless, all-consuming-man-hours (12 hour days every day of the week) and immense mental fortitude were spent from late Fall 2015 through all of the 2016 mining season working on JAG and the ROV (remotely operated vehicle); our new mining vessel we call SAM (which we had to 'reinvent the wheel' in regards to).  JAG is the 64.7' x 29' x 7.1 massive structure that the ROV rests upon until lowered to the sea floor for mining remotely (atop JAG as opposed to having a diver manually mining the sea floor).  It is not only MUCH safer (underwater man-hours are ultimately not necessary) but also potentially more lucrative, as reaching greater depths is possible by mining with the ROV.  She's on land in this photo and is currently in transit to the water via the sizable airbags; a very tricky 24 hour-long task.  The BIG question...will she float?  We'll know soon enough!