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Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15th

Mom and Dad had breakfast at the Polar Bear Cafe a couple of mornings ago.  They each had a cup of coffee and shared three pancakes for a total of $19.00.  Today, they joined the Senior Citizens Center (both are over 60).  They will eat some meals there, that are very affordable and nutritious.  Today for lunch they had fresh clam chowder with carrots. Until they get their home set up, these meals beat cooking over a stove in the tundra (trying not to heighten the curiosity of nearby wild animals.  Mom and Dad also joined the Residential Activity Center.  They will be able to take daily showers and/or use their sauna.
they got their permits from the Dept of Trqnsportation allowing to put in s driveway from the property to State Hwy.  Gravel to go down this weekend. Container to be safe in their truck in hopes of taking a photo. The moose felt threatened and left with her calves.  ....The weather was warm today with a high of 65 and sunny,  The air was mostly still today,  Under still air circumstances, mosquitoes becime relentless. That is what Mom and Dad expierienced today,  They follow into your vehicle.  Open your door for a second, close it, and suddenly 15 new mosquites  are now in the cabin too.   And, what I've desccribed is mild.  Years ago when my Dad and Brother took an Alaskan trip during the summer, I heard tell that they wer actually sleeping in tents inside the van, but ewere still getting nailed left and right.!

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