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Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9th 2012 In Nome

My parents, Tom and Melva Palmer, just arrived in Nome Alaska two evenings ago.  We are there to dredge for gold in the Bering Sea this summer.  It is our family business.  It took my brother, Tommy, and my Dad from late December 2011 til April 15th to build our family dredge, known as Goldenrod.  We are from Kentucky, and the Goldenrod is the state flower, hence the name.  My brother came up with that!  So, Goldenrod is a fine dredge that is 30 ft in length and 12 ft wide.  She has duals sluice boxes two 8 inch wide suction hoses will empty into.  The hoses are run by seperate Kubota engines.  She has two Suzuki engines powering her.  We can't wait to get her reassembled.  Right now, she sits in parts inside the Port of Nome inside one of our 40 ft carriers.  Dad and Mom bought a piece of property in Nome to rock and place each of our two 40 ft long, 8 feet wide containers on.  These will serve as our houses while in Nome.  We will cut doors and windows into them.  One currently has a built in kitchen and bathroom that we installed before loading them for Alaska.  Essentially, in two containers we loaded our truck, our boat and we have our house.  We are ready to work in Alaska for the summers!

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