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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19th

It is a foggy cool day in Nome.  Coat weather.  Tommy arrived this morning at around 9 a.m. Nome time (4 hours later than Eastern Standard Time).  He left Louisville yesterday afternoon at 3:45 p.m. and flew to Dallas, then to Seattle, to Anchorage and then Kozabue to Nome.  No real surprise, his luggage did not arrive with him. Thats about three too many flight changes!

Fortunately, the gravel is down on the lot.  And, storage container #1 has been moved there.  Mom, Dad and Tommy are going to try their best to get things moved around enough so that they can sleep there tonight, as opposed to on the open tundra in a tent!  I'd certainly feel better about them sleeping in a big metal box (in and away from the wild).


  1. How did they insulate the 40' box trailors? Did they spray foam on the outside? Very cool setup and pictures.

  2. Hello Doug,

    They did not use spray foam. Instead, they put up paneling on the inside and insulated between that and the walls of the containers. Apparently, the containers are nice and cozy. And, now they've even connected the two and opened one big room between them where they have a wood burning stove. Good question!
    Thank You,