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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 9th and 10th, 2012

Mom and Dad are now in Nome.  They took their two black and tan dachshunds with them (Daisy and Lilly).  So far they've all traveled well.  When went to the Port of Nome to check that the two boxes (40 ft containers with all household, truck and dredge equipment) had been successfully delivered.  They had been delivered.  Eureka!!!!  However, one of the containers was slightly damaged on one side.  Dad was immediately concerned that the contents may also have been damaged.  So, they opened the damaged box and determined that everything inside was fine.  There is a picture of the damage to the box on the attached file.   The other photo shows the truck inside the box before they removed it.  Mom is in the foreground.  Now, truck is out, and they have discovered that it will take two to three weeks to get gravel delivered to the property where the containers will eventually rest.  The containers will become living quarters, with freshly cut and installed windows and doors. Unfortunately, they had planned on getting gravel lain as soon as they got to Nome.  Therefore, they are going to need a place to stay until the gravel is lain and the containers moved.  They currently have room and board at local bed and breakfast of their friend Judy.  Judy has availability through June 13th.  So, they must search for room and board.  They will search for further room and board today.  Thus far, possible room and board owners are telling them that they will not except the dogs.

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