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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Got an updated picture tonight from Tommy of Goldenrod!  They are making wonderful progress on the boat.
Every chance I get to talk to him is a gift to me.  He knows that I am here for moral support and am so proud of the work that he's doing.  -Jynn

Saturday, June 30th

Just talked with the crew...Living situation much better now; able to take hot showers and prepare meals in the intermodal container.  Musk oxen are seen often nearby the living area, and charge if threatened.  Lilly (one of the dachshunds) is most likely to draw their attention; barks at everything.  So, she is kept mainly concealed in 'the box'.   As for Goldenrod...structure (cabin, pontoons, engine, sluice boxes) mostly complete.  Installing cabin windows, sound deadening insulation and lockable door today.  Still need to install major systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, electricals, Neff bowl, sonar system, pressure and suction hoses, cameras and arm).  Estimated float date, July 11th.  Not bad at all!  The two Toms have been really busting it! So proud.  Thank you John M. (long bearded gentleman from Bering Sea Gold) for fork lifting sluices, helping with wenches and air compressor pump.  Interested to see how your system works this year!  Best of luck to all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Goldenrod has been pulled from container.  Ready for reassembly!!!

Tuesday, June 26

Goldenrod has finally been pulled from her intermodal container and is being reassembled for float on the Bering Sea!  Exciting!!  Can't wait to see the final product.  Pics to come.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, June 25th

Nome Project Update:  Weather is overcast and around 48 degrees.  Blah like.  Intermodal container wired for electricity, plumbed for laundry, kitchen sink and bathroom.  Internet (gotta have that) to be hooked up within day or two.  Able to take hot showers!!!  Dad and Tommy are working VERY hard to get all of this accomplished so they can get to what they are there for...finding GOLD!  Rebuilding Goldenrod to start tomorrow!!!  Still awaiting recent pics.  Cannot post them until I have them.  This photo I am posting today is one of my brother, Tommy.  It was taken in April this year.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23rd

Hello there!  Thanks for visiting.  What's up in Nome now?  Well, Mom, Dad and Tommy are getting a lot of things accomplished.  The electricity is hooked up to the intermodal container where they live now.  They are working on getting plumbing hooked up too.  Soon they will be able to run their washer and dryer.  Seriously, the container is set up for living in it!  Complete with shower/tub, bath sink, kitchen cabinetry and sink and living room area with pull out couch.  The second container (the one that currently holds Goldenrod) will be bedrooms once moved to the property.  And, the containers will be placed side by side for now, and a sealed doorway will lead from one to another. 

Mom, Dad and Tommy are getting to know the neighbors.  There are two houses/trailers nearby.  They are all looking out for one another.  If an animal is seen in the area, warnings are given when possible.  One of their neighbors, Terry, shouted to Mom yesterday that "there are two bears in the area"!  Everyone took shelter until they passed. 

Photos of progress coming soon!  Rebuilding Goldenrod will start early next week!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21 Summer Solstice technically yesterday in Northern Hemisphere due to Leap Year

After today, the days will have less daylight than the day before. Minutes shorter each day.  Right now in Nome, Alaska there are 22 hours of daylight.

Tommy Dad and Mom getting container converted into house.  Working on getting electricity hooked up.  Have porta potty set up on lot.  These living arragnements to be resolved by end of weekend, just in time to begin rebuilding Goldenrod!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20th

Last night it got down to 38 degrees in Nome.  Brrrr!!  Mom, Dad and Tommy slept in the intermodal container for the first time last night.  Dad said that he slept so good not being in a tent out on the open tundra with his gun by his side!  Dad and Tommy cut windows and placed a door today in the container.  Things are moving right along.  Soon they will be able to start reassembling Goldenrod!  Mom said that everyday now there seem to be more people in Nome.  The summer dredging season is upon the little town!  I know there is nobody more excited to get started than my brother.  These are exciting and challenging times for many in Nome. Good luck to you all!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19th

It is a foggy cool day in Nome.  Coat weather.  Tommy arrived this morning at around 9 a.m. Nome time (4 hours later than Eastern Standard Time).  He left Louisville yesterday afternoon at 3:45 p.m. and flew to Dallas, then to Seattle, to Anchorage and then Kozabue to Nome.  No real surprise, his luggage did not arrive with him. Thats about three too many flight changes!

Fortunately, the gravel is down on the lot.  And, storage container #1 has been moved there.  Mom, Dad and Tommy are going to try their best to get things moved around enough so that they can sleep there tonight, as opposed to on the open tundra in a tent!  I'd certainly feel better about them sleeping in a big metal box (in and away from the wild).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Goldenrod decal

The decals for Goldenrod are in!  My son, Ben is holding one of them that will go on a side of the cabin area of the dredge.  Of course, the paper will be taken off and applied.  The shape of the state of Kentucky is solid black with the name GOLDENROD in yellow.  It will be sharp!!!

Happy Father's Day

I love you Dad.  You are so special to me.  And, I respect you for so many reasons.  I just got off the phone with you.  You told me that you and Mom (and the dogs) hiked to the summit of Anvil Mountain.  You are looking out over the city of Nome and the Bering Sea.   The gravel crew is busy laying rock on your land, which is great for moving forward with our Nome Project.  Tommy will be leaving to join you and Mom tomorrow!  I love you Dad.  Happy Father's Day!! (Photo of my Dad, Tom and my son, Peter)

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15th

Mom and Dad had breakfast at the Polar Bear Cafe a couple of mornings ago.  They each had a cup of coffee and shared three pancakes for a total of $19.00.  Today, they joined the Senior Citizens Center (both are over 60).  They will eat some meals there, that are very affordable and nutritious.  Today for lunch they had fresh clam chowder with carrots. Until they get their home set up, these meals beat cooking over a stove in the tundra (trying not to heighten the curiosity of nearby wild animals.  Mom and Dad also joined the Residential Activity Center.  They will be able to take daily showers and/or use their sauna.
they got their permits from the Dept of Trqnsportation allowing to put in s driveway from the property to State Hwy.  Gravel to go down this weekend. Container to be safe in their truck in hopes of taking a photo. The moose felt threatened and left with her calves.  ....The weather was warm today with a high of 65 and sunny,  The air was mostly still today,  Under still air circumstances, mosquitoes becime relentless. That is what Mom and Dad expierienced today,  They follow into your vehicle.  Open your door for a second, close it, and suddenly 15 new mosquites  are now in the cabin too.   And, what I've desccribed is mild.  Years ago when my Dad and Brother took an Alaskan trip during the summer, I heard tell that they wer actually sleeping in tents inside the van, but ewere still getting nailed left and right.!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Viewing the Aurora in the Northern Summer

During the northern summer, sunlight prevents viewing the aurora at high northern latitudes. As the sun climbs in the sky until June 21st and then descends, the nights are too light to see the aurora.

June 14th

Still awaiting word about culvert.  Gravel to go down tomorrow if no culvert needed.  Mom and Dad will have WiFi in the 'box' on their property.  Electricity cannot be hooked up until container moved to property.   They said that their tent is fairly comfortable. They are sleeping on air mattresses.  It sleeps 5 people.  For now, Mom, Dad and the two dogs.  When Tommy arrives he will stay there too until they move container to property. There are campers around them, but, they are in the wide open tundra, and animals are out there! Dad and Mom have seen one grizzly (in the distance) and several musk oxen.  Currently there are around 21 hours of straight daylight everyday in Nome.  In the winter it is dark almost 24/7. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13th

Writing this blog from Shelbyville, Kentucky.  Mom and Dad moved to a tent today...surprise surprise! They are somewhere out on the tundra between the airport and the city of Nome.  There are several others campers where they currently reside.  Musk oxen are regularly seen on the tundra near Nome, among other mammals we won't mention.  The dogs bark at everything that moves or makes noise.  There is no chance of hiding or taking cover should an animal become privy to their presence.  Not very comforting.  They will apparently be camping there until after they get the container moved to the property.  Awaiting Department of Transportation decision about need for culvert or not.  Decision expected tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Also June 12th

Today it was about 36 degrees on the beach and the wind was hitting about 40 mph.
Once you get inland a bit it is much nicer. About 46 and less wind.  These are pictures of several of the dredges in the assembly and launching area near the Port of Nome.  Our dredge was built in Shelby County, KY and disassembled for shipping.  Will be reassembled and launched within the next several weeks.  Will provide photo of our dredge, Goldenrod, once reassembled.

June 12th

Dad and Mom moved to a different B & B today with the dogs.  Still no word on whether we need a culvert dug on the property prior to laying gravel.  No city water on property.  Will need to have it hauled in.  Water tanks to set upon containers (two 350 gallon tanks) for household useage when the time comes.  Tommy to arrive in Nome next Monday.  At that time, must check out of B & B.  Public leased gold miners have designated camping area (37 miles out of Nome); better have a gun! No water, no electricity and no shelter.  Must have tent.  Glad to have shipping containers and our own residential lot, even though it isn't yet rigged for our needs.  It will eventually be.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Goldenrod before shipping

This is a pic of Goldenrod just before we pulled her into the container with the backhoe.
The twin Keene Engineering designed sluice boxes are seen here on the top rear above the outboard motors.

June 9th and 10th, 2012

Mom and Dad are now in Nome.  They took their two black and tan dachshunds with them (Daisy and Lilly).  So far they've all traveled well.  When went to the Port of Nome to check that the two boxes (40 ft containers with all household, truck and dredge equipment) had been successfully delivered.  They had been delivered.  Eureka!!!!  However, one of the containers was slightly damaged on one side.  Dad was immediately concerned that the contents may also have been damaged.  So, they opened the damaged box and determined that everything inside was fine.  There is a picture of the damage to the box on the attached file.   The other photo shows the truck inside the box before they removed it.  Mom is in the foreground.  Now, truck is out, and they have discovered that it will take two to three weeks to get gravel delivered to the property where the containers will eventually rest.  The containers will become living quarters, with freshly cut and installed windows and doors. Unfortunately, they had planned on getting gravel lain as soon as they got to Nome.  Therefore, they are going to need a place to stay until the gravel is lain and the containers moved.  They currently have room and board at local bed and breakfast of their friend Judy.  Judy has availability through June 13th.  So, they must search for room and board.  They will search for further room and board today.  Thus far, possible room and board owners are telling them that they will not except the dogs.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prior to June 9th, 2012

Goldenrod was built in Kentucky and disassembled, placed in a 40 ft shipping container and shipped via rail and barge to Nome.  Our two shipping containers arrived in Nome on June 5th.  Both containers will eventually be moved to our Nome property just outside the little town.  Doors and windows will be cut into the containers, making it our humble Nome abode.  On the current agenda...get truck out of first shipping container, lay rock on new property, move both shipping containers to new property, get port-o-potty delivered for property, get electricity and water hooked up.  My brother, Tommy is to arrive in Nome after June 17th. Goldenrod back and set her afloat!

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Bering Sea Gold - The Nome Gold Rush

Bering Sea Gold - The Nome Gold Rush

Professional Stock Photos of Alaska, landscapes, wolves, travel, and more

Professional Stock Photos of Alaska, landscapes, wolves, travel, and more

Bering Sea Gold : Discovery Channel

Bering Sea Gold : Discovery Channel

The Nome Nugget - Alaska's Oldest Newspaper

The Nome Nugget - Alaska's Oldest Newspaper

June 9th 2012 In Nome

My parents, Tom and Melva Palmer, just arrived in Nome Alaska two evenings ago.  We are there to dredge for gold in the Bering Sea this summer.  It is our family business.  It took my brother, Tommy, and my Dad from late December 2011 til April 15th to build our family dredge, known as Goldenrod.  We are from Kentucky, and the Goldenrod is the state flower, hence the name.  My brother came up with that!  So, Goldenrod is a fine dredge that is 30 ft in length and 12 ft wide.  She has duals sluice boxes two 8 inch wide suction hoses will empty into.  The hoses are run by seperate Kubota engines.  She has two Suzuki engines powering her.  We can't wait to get her reassembled.  Right now, she sits in parts inside the Port of Nome inside one of our 40 ft carriers.  Dad and Mom bought a piece of property in Nome to rock and place each of our two 40 ft long, 8 feet wide containers on.  These will serve as our houses while in Nome.  We will cut doors and windows into them.  One currently has a built in kitchen and bathroom that we installed before loading them for Alaska.  Essentially, in two containers we loaded our truck, our boat and we have our house.  We are ready to work in Alaska for the summers!

Dredging in Nome Alaska

My Father, Tom Palmer and my Mother, Melva Palmer have arrived in Nome, Alaska to start their adventure and our family business, Palmerosa Mining.

Our dredge was built by my Father and Brother, Tommy Palmer.  It is named Goldenrod.  We are from Kentucky, where the goldenrod is our state's flower.