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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23rd

Hello there!  Thanks for visiting.  What's up in Nome now?  Well, Mom, Dad and Tommy are getting a lot of things accomplished.  The electricity is hooked up to the intermodal container where they live now.  They are working on getting plumbing hooked up too.  Soon they will be able to run their washer and dryer.  Seriously, the container is set up for living in it!  Complete with shower/tub, bath sink, kitchen cabinetry and sink and living room area with pull out couch.  The second container (the one that currently holds Goldenrod) will be bedrooms once moved to the property.  And, the containers will be placed side by side for now, and a sealed doorway will lead from one to another. 

Mom, Dad and Tommy are getting to know the neighbors.  There are two houses/trailers nearby.  They are all looking out for one another.  If an animal is seen in the area, warnings are given when possible.  One of their neighbors, Terry, shouted to Mom yesterday that "there are two bears in the area"!  Everyone took shelter until they passed. 

Photos of progress coming soon!  Rebuilding Goldenrod will start early next week!!

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