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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dredging Nome Man's Land, The Book

This blog was originally created to chronicle our crews' days in Nome, as the paper journals I sent with them were rarely reporting anything other than the daily height of waves, wind direction and general temperature.  I wanted more.  I wanted the full picture; rather to live vicariously by their words to fully experience Nome, and all it's simple, yet unusual, glory.

The Discovery Channel's incredibly popular reality t.v. series, Bering Sea Gold, certainly helped to inspire my story, as it gave me a much better understanding of the 'rough and tumble' that Nome is, and is proud to be...  A great deal of research was necessary for this project, as I have been so far removed from it (geographically).  Not to mention... it is so far outside the average American experience.

My book, Dredging Nome Man's Land, is an honest attempt to tell our families' story about dredging for gold in the Bering Sea.  The t.v. series might not exactly make the business of gold mining look easy, but, I assure you, it is way more difficult than you can imagine!  There are so many unforeseen variables and challenges to gold dredging that I will explain in explicit detail (thanks to ongoing conversations with the crew and others in the industry) in my book. I sincerely hope to project an accurate feel for the reality of this endeavor.

Currently, finishing up the manuscript to send to my publisher.  Then on to copy editing, conceptual editing, design, publishing and distribution!!!  It's a lengthy process.  Hang tight!  I want all of you to get the details you so deserve!

Any ideas for the cover?

Also, if anyone has any pictures they would like to share for the book, I'm looking...

If you have any ideas for cover or pictures to send...please email to

Thanks so much!

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