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Monday, November 12, 2012

Gold and How it Pertains to Obama's Re-election

This blogger could not have said it any better...

I supported Romney.


  1. On Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released their most recent data on U.S. participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), more commonly referred to as 'food stamps'.
    While the report is ordinarily released at either the end of the month, or no later than the first or second day of the following month, the Obama administration waited until November 9, a full three days after the election to announce the number of Americans currently receiving food stamps.
    After seeing the data, it is not surprising why the administration delayed the report...
    By the end of August 2012 (the most recent data), there were 47.1 million Americans on food stamps, a new all-time record high. Since Obama took office, the number of Americans enrolled in SNAP has risen by more than 45 percent. The number of people receiving food stamps increased in the last month by over 420,000, while only 96,000 new jobs were created in August.

    Obama has also been accused of suppressing military vote by withholding absentee ballots.

    Now it has been learned that the FBI (Obama Administration) knew of David Petraeus's affair several months prior - once again this was kept from the American public until after the election.

    Think these bits of information may have had some effect on the way people voted? I SURE DO!!!

    President Obama does not represent this American's values.

    1. The Secret Return To The “Gold Standard”

    2. What I see is an opportunity to build stronger - four years means four opportunities to elect new representatives every year so that when it comes time to elect a new President we already have the House of Representatives and Senate filled with OUR REPRESENTATIVES WORKING FOR AMERICA. PLEASE VOTE EVERY YEAR FOR NEW LEADERS WHO WILL WORK FOR CITIZENS AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION AND BILLOF RIGHTS. Thank you!!!

  2. I enjoy your comments and admire your political enthusiasm Doug. As an American citizen I will certainly continue to do my part in electing officials and representatives that I see fit to do the job.