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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quits for Now

It came as a surprise that KY Goldenrod's dredging season came to an abrupt end this week.  Patience wore thin, and we were not successful in recruiting another diver to finish the season. The past week or so in Nome, the weather has been rough again.  Two nights ago the winds were howling at 55 mph, further stifling precious time left in the season.   According to the local miners, anytime between Oct 15th through October 31rst, the ice starts to form over the Bering Sea, halting the summer gold dredging season...

The good news is that our team had been making progress in determining what we may have (in the way of gold) on our offshore lots.  Armed with likely GPS coordinates, the crew was eagerly pursuing those points of interest.   Several times they tried, only to be disappointed in the underwater visibility factor related to the high winds 'murking up' the seafloor.


  1. Will there be a recap summary of the 2012 season? Days working, waiting, repairs, expenses, ounces etc?

  2. Hello Doug,

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  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you very much for your advice about how I should get my book 'out there'. I have a publisher who is waiting on me to finish. I just want it to be interesting and informative to my audience. I promise, it WILL be out by this coming summer! And, I cannot wait to go to Nome to see all the action this upcoming season! Thanks again for your interest, enthusiasm and advice. :)
    Wendy Palmer