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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Northern Lights in Nome

The Aurora Borealis is one of the greatest wonders of the natural universe.  Several volunteers from KNOM (the local bush radio station in Nome) got to experience it first hand on the night of Monday, October 8th.

"By 10:30 pm there were green lights dancing in the night sky.  Well, at first, we couldn’t see much. There was a long streak of silver silky clouds that could be green, maybe, from a certain angle. So we piled in the car and drove through the deserted, dark town and as we headed towards the mountains, the streak started to change. We were getting excited. The silvery cloud was becoming clearer, and moving, and when we finally made it to the top of an empty hill, it was fully green and beautiful.
Seeing the Aurora was beyond description. Green and pink streams were slowly falling and lifting like rivers of light and we were goofy with joy. We skipped and jumped and hopped, DayneƩ and I held hands and twirled in circles, and all five of us lay down on the cold permafrost and marvelled at the dancing Aurora. Josh said it was like seeing Narnia, if the magical wardrobe was a freezer",
by Eva DeLappe, October 9, 2012.

Tommy was home (in Kentucky) on the evening of October 6th.  And, Dad and Mom home in the wee hours of Monday, October 8th.  Our crew JUST missed it!

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