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Monday, August 27, 2012

"The Hardest Easy Money Anyone's Going to Make", Zeke Tenhoff

Hope you got the chance to catch the premier of Bering Sea Gold Under the Ice last Friday night!  Some of my observations about the show...   Shawn's new dredge, Shamrock, is the bomb.  "Go big or go home Shawn".  His dredge is 16 X 47 ft and the suction hose is powered by a 160 horsepower vacuum pump (Goldenrod has two vacuum pumps that are each 48 hp).   Can't believe the Shamrock crew did not check the dive light before Shawn jumped into the 28 degree water.  But, that is typical of dredging for gold; seems equipment never fails to malfunction. Fix one thing, and something else breaks.  It's just the nature of the job.   
"Gold don't care about ice.  If the gold don't care, neither do I," Shawn Pomrenke

The Clark crew is back too.  This time Zeke Tenhoff has hired both Emily and Steve Riedel.  I'm surprised Emily has completed her Master's degree in Opera already. Well done.  It is no wonder she is in such a cranky mood, given she moved from beautiful Vienna, Austria back to desolation.  And, it is such an oddity that given her choice of careers she has decided to roll up her sleeves for such a brutal job, AGAIN.  And, she curses (at her Father even)...seems atypical of an opera singer.  I love Zeke's work ethic.  He is an absolute genius for getting such ratty equipment to do what he does.  Bravo to Zeke for realizing he needed more manpower, sooner rather than later.  Every minute counts in this business.   Rooting for you Zeke, Emily and Steve! 
"This is the hardest easy money that anyone's ever going to make", Zeke Tenhoff.

The new crew has a dredge known as Lazy Gator.  One of their crew members became confused from hypothermia when the warm water pump briefly malfunctioned during his dive.  He completely lost his sense of direction and could not see the opening in the ice.  Not only that, his feet were so cold he couldn't feel them.  Truth is, he got way too cold.  That is how people get killed.  Hypothermia causes confusion, and all the sudden it's too late.  To there credit, this crew did get some gold during the first show (a check for $28,000 worth).  These guys sold everything they had to build a dredge and go gold mining. 
"Everybody thought we were crazy to do this.  We just shut 'em up with a mouthful of gold", Lazy Gator crew member. 

I'm not sure any amount of gold is worth risking your life under the ice for.

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