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Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Visual Perspective

                                          Back of Goldenrod...Twin Suzuki 90 engines.
                                          Birdseye of Goldenrod cab and midsection.
                                          Front of Goldenrod..sluices, arm and suction hoses.
                                         Full side of Goldenrod out of water.
                                          Tommy welding and repairing front arm of Goldenrod.
Goldenrod is a very powerful and complex machine!!!!.......Tommy is back in Kentucky for a short visit, then will be zooming back to Nome to work.  Jennifer is going with him this time.


  1. VERY NICE pixs with hyperlinks to large images...
    Do I remember correctly that there are additional machinery water pumps in the pontoons?

    Have you been able to put the "peddle-to-the-medal" and suction up some "color" this season?

  2. Hi Doug! There are Kubota engines (2300 RPMs) that are under aluminum boxes on either side of the sluice boxes that power the suction hoses. I am writing a book entitled Dredging Nome Mans Land. The final season tally for Goldenrod will be in the book, of course!