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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dredgeable Days in Nome

The weather in Nome is finally clear and the past several days have been dredge worthy.  The team has been out and about doing their best to make up for lost time.  They've managed to successfully dredge for a good number of hours now.  The best they could do is dredge 24/7 everyday during the summer, which is just not possible in Nome.  A good summer in Nome would mean 85-90 dredgeable days starting in early June and ending around the last week of October.  In essence, our team needs to push hard to meet our goals this season.  No gold totals to report just yet.  But, I know some of you are itching to find out.  Me too!
Conversations on dredging in Nome...
Ian and Scott Foster from The Sluicey are shown in the below photo.  Dad and Tommy have gotten to know Ian while working in Nome this summer.
Tommy returns to Kentucky this evening for a short stay with his son (Zach) and girlfriend (Jennifer Mason).  Can't wait to see him! Dad and Mom will remain in Nome.

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