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Monday, August 6, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Record-breaking rainfall and stormy conditions have been keeping gold miners from working, and things have been “cozy” inside the Nome harbor as all kinds of boats and vessels have been snuggled up next to each other.   According to the National Weather Service in Nome, 4.72 inches of rain came down starting on Tuesday, July 24, making it the greatest seven-day total ever observed in Nome. Last week rivaled that of a torrid rainfall in the autumn of 1935 that produced 5.25 inches of rain in seven days. On the days of July 25 and 28, the rain broke standing records. The pouring rain on Saturday broke a 101-year old record set in 1911. This July with its 5.93 inches of rain will go into the record books as the third-wettest July on record, behind the wettest July in 1920 with 8.43 inches and 1922 with 6.2 inches.  Up until last week, the total precipitation for this year was 4.37 inches.  It continues to be overcast in Nome today with 3ft seas, keeping many miners from dredging.

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