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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

In the Nome Harbor this Summer 2013

A message from the Captain of KY GoldenRod...The unusual trawler (Espirit) was a French group.  They were traveling with their families.  They had 2 boats on deck. One was a small sail boat that they are going to ice sail to the North Pole.  The other is a row boat that two of them are going to row from Northern Alaska to Greenland via the NW passage. I found one of them that could speak English and wished them luck.

There are several boats here waiting to hear if the NW passage is open to Greenland.  More Ice this year than usual and they are fearful it may not open.


  1. OH MY how things get twisted but you must remember you are in Nome to mine gold... nothing to do with the NW Passage ice...

    NWP details? Look through the blog pages here:

    Best wishes for plenty of color in the riffles!


  2. The NomeNuggest has repeatedly refused to interview the Arctic Explorers who pass through town making world history... you can only lead a horse to water - you cannot make it drink - not even in the frontier town called "Nome Alaska"

  3. Your ESPIRIT is the name of the sponsor of catamaran named BABUSHKA which is deck loaded on the French Flag vessel named LE MANGUIER, known as MANGO.

    Here are the references for what you are observing in the above picture:


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  6. It is a shame that the writers of The Nome Nugget are passing up awesome stories regarding vessels and their crews stopping in Nome. They should have that harbor covered everyday, as not to miss any action!

  7. I have heard that David Scott Cowper, undoubtedly the most accomplished yachtsman in history with six circumnavigations including both sail and motor will be passing through Nome once again as he puts another notch on his record list with his sixth Northwest Passage.

    I wonder why the Harbormaster does not contact the Nome Nugget editor when these people and boats come to Nome... I believe its because the left hand does not know a darn thing about what goes on outside of Nome... its a hamlet in frontier Alaska... was and remains except twice a year when the Iditarod runs and when the town runs out of fuel oils requiring an icebreaker to escort a tanker to delivery fuels... might this be how they want it to remain... off the world's radar screen? Most people I talk to don't even know where Nome is let alone know about the gold rush or Northwest Passage etc... naivete rules...

  8. Wendy - you will be in Nome when DSC passes through - why don't you interview him and write about it and make a dollar for your time by selling your article to the Media.... work smarter not harder in our old ages.... lol

  9. Just finished your book "Dredging in Nome Man's Land"... and congratulate you on chronicling your families adventure to challenge the frontier of Nome Alaska to pursue a gold mining dream in Alaska.

    Dreams do come true to those who prepare and stand fast to their dream.

    I hope everyone bitten by the 'gold bug' will read your book - it will in all likelihood save them their life if not at least their savings account.

    Learning how much your family has invested in hard cash in two short mining seasons, not to mention seven-thousand man-hours of hard labor means gold mining must be taken seriously - otherwise you should just take a backpack filled with dehydrated food tie-on a tent and sleeping bag - buy a round-trip airline ticket - buy a gold pan and when the food runs out leave Nome on the next flight to the 'outside' 48 and count your many blessings. You lived the dream and got out of Nome without loosing your shirt.

    I'm looking forward to your 2013 follow up episode... maybe it will be called "Finding Color on Nome's Seafloor."

    I'm looking forward to more of your families mining details in your blog... Suggestion: Don't ever listen to just one miner, i.e. with a name of John, ask to see his dredge working with your own eyes before you run ahead. Show me - I'm from Missouri. I'd suggest another alternative would of been a self-contained sea boat that would of saved your family thousands of dollars and solved many heart breaking problems... of course what do I know - I grew up with a mining engineer grandfather with many mining patents, worked claims for gold, silver, iron, uranium and building stone every summer till after college... but chose to spend the next 28 years at sea perfecting my chemical engineering education running ships... just goes to show you how different we all are and the choices we make.

    Don't confuse Kubota which is a diesel engine with a Darley pump. Both are very good equipments at what they do - as the engine is a prime mover to power the pump which pumps or moves a fluid or gas.

    Keep blogging - you are on the right track... you will be telling us all soon about finding color in Kentucky Goldenrod's riffles.

    Smooth seas,