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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating Aviation in Nome

A message from the Captain of the KY GoldenRod (Thomas O.)...

We have made it in the water and been out several days mining (working out the bugs).
We have been fighting with lots of icebergs until last week. They are all gone now.
One day there were dozens around the boat.  Some the size of a train car, most the size of a car.
You have to be careful with the big ones.  We don't want to be another titanic.

A couple of weeks ago they had a city BBQ and 100 years of avaition in Alaska celebration you will see some of the planes featured. The big red bird I had never seen before.  It was used as an airliner here in Alaska in the 30's, 40's, and early  50's.  The museum in Anchorage refurbished it and it is beautiful!

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  1. Once you hear an airplane's radial come to life you think you have gone to heaven... until after some 3,000 flight hours in DC-3, DC-6 and DC-7 aricrafts from sitting in the cockpit and now say when someone whispers a phrase... what did you say? Love has a funny way of tugging at your ears too.... lol