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Monday, September 10, 2012

"Trust yourself, Trust your Team and Believe in the Gold," Steve Riedel.

Most of my observations from Episode 3 of Bering Sea Gold Under the Ice are related to The Clark crew...

Zeke Tenhoff has not been successful finding a good spot to mine under the ice, as evidenced by $0 in the box up til now.  Although Zeke has a great work ethic, his luck with picking a hot spot has failed him...Underslept and overworked, Zeke becomes angered when his overnight crew comes to inform him of the hole being over a sandbar.  Steve Riedel chimes in, "You didn't put the camera down there to check", which only further agitates Zeke.  'Told you so' remarks by Steve are taken as insults to Zeke's character.  Steve goes on to tell Zeke, "YOU are the monster.  YOU made the mistake.  YOU have driven this outfit to near bankruptcy!"  Instead of taking deep breaths and shrugging it off, Zeke reacts by requesting to Steve that he write a full page apology letter "in his best cursif"  about how wrong Steve was to call him out.  Zeke is hellbent on retaining his dignity as the boss of his crew.
                    "Trust yourself, trust your team and believe in the gold," Steve Riedel.

I agree with Zeke that Steve Riedel is quick to point out the mistakes of others.  However, Steve Riedel is no dumby.  He is older, wiser and less testosterone driven than Zeke, and should be respected (by Zeke) as his elder.  Relationships with others are what truly matter in life.  Zeke and Steve have known each other for many years, not to mention Steve is the Father of Emily (Zeke's lifelong friend and former love interest).  Steve really didn't insult Zeke's work ethic or intelligeince, he insulted his behavior by the way he reacted to the camera comment and poor choice of mine site. 

Later, Steve Pomrenke pays a visit to Zeke and recommends that he try his dowsing rods.  Shock and sketisiscm are written on Zeke's face, but he tries them as advised by Steve.  While walking over the ice with the dowsing rods, they eventually cross.  In amazement, Zeke decides to dig where X marked the spot from the dowsing rods.  What does he have to lose?  A lot of the older miners stay on the gold all of the time.   "I don't believe in magic, but I do believe there is some scientific phenomenon that is occurring.  The pull from the rods is impossible to deny."

                      "I feel like I have this new superpower", Zeke remarks. 

Gold Tally thus far...

Lazy Gator    
27.52 ounces worth $45, 174.08

6.5 ounces worth $10, 669.75

The Clark
0 ounces worth $0


  1. Oh! so inspiring! when you trust yourself you can reach any goal with perfection. Apology Letter to Employer

  2. Haha, I wouldn't refer to Zeke as wise. Though I cannot believe Steve formally requested an apology letter in his best cursive. There's just a large amount of incompetence on that team.