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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Over the Hill

Gale force winds have been ripping through Nome the past couple of days and nights.  The KY Goldenrod crew awoke to find their outdoor 'facility' had been carried away by the strong wind; just lifted it up and tossed it into the nearby tundra.  The new plan is to send back the porta potty, and bury our own septic system.  Therefore all bathroom duties can be done inside the full bath at the end of container 1.

The winds have been wreaking havoc on gold divers, as the seafloor has been quite murky, making clear visibility impossible.  They hope that by Saturday the winds will have died down enough to dive for gold.


  1. Better put a few lines and anchors on things - when it blows 100mph you might not find things so close.
    Time to put together a daily routine that includes checking the weather... securing stuff etc... Cheechako welcome to Alaska!

  2. Hello Doug!

    Clearly, you're on to something. (: Must all be part of the allure that Alaska has on people. The challenges here are on a much different scale.
    Hope all is well with you and yours. Wonderful to see a post from you Chico!