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Saturday, July 28, 2012

8 ft Waves at Nome Beach

Hell hath no fury like Mother Nature scorned...and she's been letting er' rip in Nome as of late.  For days it has been raining, foggy and downright unpleasant there; causing tensions to rise amongst the anxious miners awaiting her pass.  In reality, weather conditions often get in the way, limiting the amount of time that miners can actively dredge for gold in the Bering Sea.  Some dredges are able to withstand a lot of bad weather. However, today the south wind created 8 ft waves and poor visibility, halting all small scale mining operations.

The Goldenrod crew spent the morning with their Shelbyville visitors (Rob and sons) before they left for Anchorage and then on to Denali.  Later, they worked on building the Master bedroom in the second container.  Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier...

Keep your spirits up.  Miss you all much and looking forward to an about-face in the weather!

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