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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Long Time Has Passed

I regret that I haven't been keeping up with my blog.  After all, it is my business to do so.  Please forgive me.  There have been legitimate reasons for me not write and keep you up to speed on the goings on in Nome.  I loved being able to research and report about the dredging business in Nome!  It's exciting stuff...  There are a LOT of ups and downs in the business, and there have been many realizations on my behalf during my time researching it.

Last summer (2013) The Kentucky Boys, on their dredge Goldenrod, actually reaped reward.  I won't say how much, but that they didn't go home empty handed.  They plan to be back this coming summer and are looking forward to getting on the gold again!

The Discovery Channel's Bering Sea Gold is always so awesome to watch and so real in it's depiction of the business of dredging for gold off the coast of Nome.  Congratulations to the Pomrenke's for the incredible year they had in 2013!  From what I surmise, their payoff has been a long time coming, as they've lived and breathed the business for many years.

Not many people have what it takes to be in this business...


  1. Wendy - I challenge you to put EQUAL time as you do on your Facebook pages into this blog site. You wrote a book... OMG what an accomplishment... doesn't this blog deserve equal or more time than your Facebook page? You keep ducking to answer questions as what was changed to make this past season profitable? What are your plans for an even better 2014 season? And the list goes on and on... do you have plans for MORE OF THE KENTUCKY BOYS IN NOME as an e-book?
    Best wishes - keep warm!

  2. Hi Wendy. I check your blog from time to time because I enjoy the gold shows and what's going on in Nome. I also challenge you to up your content on this blog with your personal experience as a prospector in Nome. What a blown opportunity...please don't post updates to Bering Sea Gold, we watch the show! I would love to hear your story, maybe some pictures of your dredge in action, and how about an amazon link to an ebook at a fair price, not a link to Tate publishing? Do you want to sell books? I'm sorry if this is harsh, but you have a great opportunity with this blog and to sell books. Thank you

  3. Hi Wendy.
    As a long time dredger, I understand how we don't talk much about actual production unless we do really good. I hope 2014 is a season you can't stop talking about.I saw that there was a young guy working under the ice with Zeke. He was using a modified sub-surface with a secondary fine gold recovery added. He called it the Dragon and it seems it got misplaced. Did he ever find it. RICK

  4. I loved watching the Discovery Channel's Bering Sea Gold. I am happy to hear it is similar to the actual feel of the business. Dredging for gold seems like it can be a hard job, but apparently those who are dedicated, win in the end.

    Elisa Jed |