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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recent West Beach Activity off Nome Coast

A recent sunny day in Nome reveals many dredge boats out searching for gold off West Beach.  Notice the similar jack-up rigs.


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  2. I hope you had a good season. How many days do you think the weather was good enough to dredge so far this year?

  3. 2013 offshore Nome mining seas has closed with ice on the sea. The DNR issued 207 offshore mining permits this year, up 51 more
    permits than last year.“This in no way means there were 207 dredges in the water,” said Redburn. In the winter, eight outfits were
    permitted to conduct mining under the sea ice. After having kept an eye on the miners throughout the summer season, Redburn estimates that out of the 207 permitted outfits, only 60 to 80 dredges were actually working regularly.

    Wendy how about an update on your Ky Boys?

  4. More to Nome than just gold... Fighting a killer: How Nome built a safety net for drunks

    Read more here:

  5. Another season of the Discovery Channel's "Bering Sea Gold."

    The new season of the show, "Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice," will premiere at 10 p.m. Friday on Discovery Channel. This season takes place during the winter where crews dredge for gold under the ice-covered Bering Sea.

    Meisterheim returns to lead a crew in their search for gold.

    In a promotional video for the episode, called "Bering Sea Gold: Scott Meisterheim Restrains Himself," the clip teases to Meisterheim's tumultuous past on the show's previous two seasons.

    Meisterheim has become the villain of the show -- the character viewers either love to hate or cheer for.

    Meisterheim has a mixed relationship with the show, including saying last year he didn't plan to watch the second season of "Bering Sea Gold."

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  6. Nome Nugget reports the backhoe dredge JAY CASHMAN operated just 365 hours (15 days) during the 100 day mining season. Expenses and repairs for a 10-12 man crew totaled $250,000 for the season. How many ounces did they produce during their first mining season? Does anyone know?

    In 2012 the backhoe dredge CHRISTINE ROSE produced 700 oz. worth $1,156,960.00 of gold.
    If the CR worked 700 hours = about 1 oz/hour. If they handled 50 cubicyards/hour = 0.56 grams of gold /cuyd.

    So I'd guess for 365 hours of production x 0.56 grams/hour = 204 grams / 28 grams/oz = only 7.3 ounces x $1300/ounce = $9490.00

    Don't think offshore gold mining in Nome is a business proposition... rolling the dice is more accurate a description.

  7. More the Gold story... Montana...

    The article in the Missoulian last week chronicling the history of gold mining in Gold Creek east of Missoula, inspired this week’s submission. The 1964 photograph shows a Mosier dredge used in Gold Creek. The four-story dredge was shipped to the area on 46 box cars and took two years to assemble. It operated from 1933 until mining operation was stopped by Federal order in 1939 because of World War II. In those years, the Pioneer Placer Dredge Company, Inc., recovered a gross total of $1,374,631 from these gravels. The dredge was burned in the late 1960s.

    (The price of gold in 1935 was $34.69 = 39,626 ounces if in 2013 at a price of $1300/oz = $51 million dollars.



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