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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Did You See "Bering Sea Gold" Last Night?

There's always quite a healthy dose of drama on "Bering Sea Gold", and last night's (Feb 8th) episode proved no exception!  Let me break it down...

The Anchor Management crew had a good dive last episode and began this episode with Scott Meisterheim taking his gold finds to sell.  He was hoping to have at least 5 ounces of gold, but discovered he'd only found half what he originally thought (with 2.5 ounces).  He needs to have at least $9,000/month to pay off his investors (who are laser focused on him these days).  I don't know what he pays his deck hand, Todd Allen, or the other diver on his boat.  Surely something!  After realizing he's still in the hole, Scott parks himself at The Breakers Bar for an 8 hour drinking binge.  By the time he left, he staggered outside, slamming the door behind him (seemingly mad at the world).  Scott has just realized that the business of dredge mining for gold is bigger than he thought possible.  It takes an extraordinary amount of emotional stability to get through it, as the 'downs' often supersede the 'ups' in this profession.  If it were easy, why would there be so much gold lying there on the seafloor for the 'getting'?  I don't know what Scott has been through and seen in his lifetime, but with his attitude it's a wonder he has a friend in the world. Many of us have endured more of our share of heartbreak and misfortune.  Get over it!  Scott needs to shape up real fast or SHIP OUT!


The Edge was back on the water this time, just in time for rougher seas.  Zeke Tenhoff, Emily Riedel and John Bunce each took their turns diving.  The more bottom time, the higher the likelihood of finding gold.  One has to have divers rotating every four hours or so to keep the operation running as many hours as possible (especially on good days).  John had some trouble with carbon monoxide leaching into his airline from backed up exhaust.  That sure is a real problem that can get lethal in a hurry! Take note all of you dredgers out there...  And then, there is Emily.  After nearly drowning two weeks ago, she tried diving again in this episode.  She means well, and truly seems passionate about dredging.  Work ethic and devotion are not her issues.  Instead, she is battling her own inner conscience  that keeps telling her "don't do this Emily, it can kill you."  She keeps trying to dismiss her fear of diving, and in doing so, becomes completely overwhelmed with panic during dives. Her true feelings manifest themselves despite her attempts to squelch them.   I just don't know that she should continue to put herself through the misery of it all.  A sign is a sign is a SigN! The universe is communicating to her, if she'll only take heed.


The Christine Rose continues to dredge on (day and night) without Shawn this time.  Seems he had a little mishap with the law (DUI) and landed himself in jail for 10 days.  Perhaps it wasn't a bad thing for Shawn, as he needed to learn his lesson about drinking and driving.  It certainly seemed to give him a good scare, and also made him realize that being away from his kids and family is devastating (to all involved).  Steve Pomrenke is going to make a man out of his son, Shawn, if that's the last thing he ever does. I was glad to see that Steve took the news as gently as he did.  It could have been way worse for Shawn.  I do hope he's learned his lesson about getting behind the wheel while inebriated.

And, last but not least, The Wild Ranger had a 'wild' ride this week!  After finding a sweet honey hole (place with lots of gold) during the last episode, they marked it with a plastic water bottle buoy.  While Vernon Adkison was away (repairing his dredge) the 'cats' came out to play...the Bering Booty cats.  Vernon's daughter and her 'man' operate The Bering Booty (one of Vernon's six dredges) on the Bering Sea.  The two became privy to the fact that Vernon was on the gold, and made the decision to dive where the bottle marked the spot.  His daughter left her father a message in the bottle that said, "Next time use your GPS."  That certainly is a good point.  Who would openly buoy a hot spot and hope that nobody else dives there (I'm assuming that Vernon had been in a public mining area)?  Find a hot spot, and mark the coordinates on your GPS.  That way, one can keep it a secret! And, go back for more later.  Hope Vernon learned his lesson.  He laughed about it and said, "I've trained my daughter well."  I think it was a rather slick move, but also unethical of his daughter.  Her remark was, "It's my bank account that I'm worried about, not his."

Season Gold Totals:

Christine Rose        
 184.08 ounces

Wild Ranger            
 20.8 ounces

The Edge              
 11.8 ounces

Anchor Management
2.5 ounces



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