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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nice Guys Don't Always Finish Last

In regards to "Bering Sea Gold" this past week, Scott Meisterheim (Captain of Anchor Management) says, "Nice guys finish last.  Good thing I'm not a nice guy."  I say, one can be nice, ethical and compassionate AND finish first.  Nice doesn't necessarily equate to being macho.  And, macho doesn't necessarily finish first.  Scott Meisterheim is a prime example of mean guys not finishing first.  One does NOT need to be an unscrupulous bully in matters of business and life to come out on top.  Scott clearly needs to ease up on Steve Reidel, who obviously fears him.  It's not funny Scott.  And, why would you drink your spiced rum from poor Steve's red mug? That was a passive aggressive, "push Steve's buttons" kind of move.

As for Steve Reidel...he really has no right to say that Scott cannot stay at the Dredge #6 campground as it is open to the public.  Perhaps Steve is a bit paranoid.  Scott had a good point when he said, "Who takes a stalking order out on another guy?"  It was pretty comical, and it was great to hear Scott laugh (even though it was surely alcohol induced).

Despite the drama between Scott and Steve, Mr. Reidel got a dive in from The Wild Ranger.  Vernon Adkison had six boats on the Bering Sea this past summer and has had trouble employing worthy gold divers.  Steve may be a bit "kooky" at times, but he is a loyal and trustworthy man (so it seems).  Vernon should definitely give him props for that.  Steve actually brought up some gold this time (flour gold).  He couldn't see it because it was so finely spread out.  Vernon needs to "take a chill" on poor Steve.

Things were a bit Helter Skelter for the Pomrenke's this week too.  They lost their right to mine near the mouth of the Snake River in last week's episode due to causing too much turbidity in the water there and subsequently disrupting the spawning of salmon.  The Pomrenke's seem "dumb struck" when they found out about this from the DNR (Department of Natural Resources).  The State of Alaska put together a guide of stipulations and such in 2012 called Nome Dredgers Resource Guide.  This information is available at  It is obviously worth becoming familiar with (especially for those who are actively dredging the waters of the Bering Sea offshore Nome).

Fortunately, the Pomrenke's were able to  strike a deal (for 20% royalty) with another lease owner to dredge his land (even though the land was not in an area that was known for "good gold").  Once there, Steve broke out  his dowsing rods to determine whether or not gold was there.  Shawn (younger Pomrenke) laughed and called dowsing "pure voodoo".  Steve Pomrenke seems to be highly offended by Shawn's ridicule of the matter.  Shawn doesn't quite understand his Father (after 37 years) but realizes who the "boss" is.

As for the crew of The Edge...Emily became very emotional this week when while she was diving a hose became disconnected (affecting her air supply).  Obviously, that is a good reason to panic.  However, she should have had a talk with Zeke about it instead of copping a bad attitude and giving him the finger.  Really, what good is that?  Zeke is fairly intuitive, but communication is better.  The apple truly does not fall far from the tree in the case of anxiety in this family (Emily is Steve Reidel's daughter).  Each were innately dealt a healthy dose of caution (which is great for gold diving).  Without it, one may well die.  Trust your instincts!

Zeke had been accused of dredging on the wrong lease last week.  After checking his coordinates with a lease map he discovered that he had been right after all. Despite clearing his name of "stealing", the DNR shut him down (at the end of this episode) for a reason concerning permits.  Again, be familiar with the rules.  They apparently change every now and then.

Earnings thus far....
The Christine Rose   $157,429.20
The Edge                  $12,065.44
The Wild Ranger      $1050.00
Anchor Management   $0

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